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IL discusses Inter-league games with JFBL, puts off decision until 7/1

by on Jun.26, 2010 @ 10:08 pm, under Independent

The Island League (IL) held a board of directors meeting earlier today to discuss what should be done about the games the Inter-league games they have scheduled against the Japan Future Baseball League (JFBL) later on in July (beginning on the 23rd).

Instead of making a concrete decision today, they decided to give the JFBL a chance to provide them with a full explanation of what happen before the end of the month.  The IL will then meet again for another board of directors meeting on 7/1 and decide whether or not they should cancel all their Inter-league games against the JFBL.

Said a IL rep, "There are players in the JFBL that had nothing to do with the recent [gambling scandal].  It isn't our intention to take away any chances for them to play.  We want to help [these players out]."


A new report filed today by the media mentions that of the eight players that were caught gambling, one or two of them were actually responsible for rounding up money and setting bets.  What still isn't known is whether or not the bets were placed between the eight players, or with a bookie (gang related and / or otherwise).