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Clean alternative engery at 2010 All-Star Game

by on Jul.05, 2010 @ 9:38 pm, under NPB

The All-Star Game steering committee met today and announced that they will attempt to use clean alternative energy sources to help power some of the lighting for both All-Star games this year (they're hoping to cut back on about 6.6 tons of carbon dioxide emissions).  Mazda, the games' sponsor, will be responsible for purchasing the Renewable Energy Certificates.


At an executive committee meeting held today:

Commissioner Ryozo Kato continued to remind the NPB to stand strong against organized crime.

The NPB plans on holding the Pheonix League again this year, assuming the foot and mouth disease situation doesn't get worse in Miyazaki.  A final decision will be made on 9/1.

The NPB is thinking about raising membership fees from 71M yen to 100M yen in order to offset some of the financial losses.  The owners will discuss the possible raise during their next owner's meeting on the 7th.

Similar to this season, the start of the 2011 CL season will likely take place at the end of March.  The PL will discuss their 2011 calendar during the next board of directors meeting in August.

The executive committee also decided to enforce rule 6.02d a little more during Ni-gun games (effective after the All-Star break) to see if it might help speed things up.  (Rule 6.02d basically states that the ump can call an automatic strike if they feel a batter is stepping outside of the dirt area around home plate without good reason.)