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Owner’s Meeting News and Notes

by on Jul.07, 2010 @ 11:45 pm, under NPB

The owners held a meeting today and went over the following:

Commissioner Ryozo Kato once again made a speech asking for everyone's continued support in keeping organized crime out of baseball.

The owners agreed on the increase of membership fees from 70M yen to 100M yen.

The owners also agreed on keeping Ryozo Kato on board as commissioner for a second term.

The owners confirmed and agreed on starting informational seminars on the current pension situation for former players that are currently receiving benefits and for former players that will be receiving benefits.

The owners began discussing the possibility of Inter-league games at the Ni-gun level.  This in an effort to help narrow the gap between the two leagues.  It seems there's also a good chance that the Eastern League teams will need to cough up 10M yen in order to make it work.

It seems there's also talk of bringing back the concept of the DL.