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A little more on the JPBPA’s proposals to increase playing opportunities

by on Jul.08, 2010 @ 4:31 pm, under NPB

As mentioned yesterday, the owners met for a meeting yesterday to go over a number of issues.  One of those issues happened to be how to increase the number of chances players get to play over the course of the season.  Three of these proposals have been mentioned by the media.  They are as follows:

The introduction of a disabled list
NPB teams are currently allowed to have a maximum 70 players on their roster.  The re-implementation of a Disabled List would allow teams to temporarily added additional players to their roster, thereby allowing more players an opportunity to play at the Ichi-gun level.

The introduction of something similar to a Rule 5 Draft
With the way the current system is set up, some Ni-gun players don't get enough playing time and end up wasting their careers away.  In an effort to prevent this from happening, the player's association is suggesting that the NPB implement something similar to a Rule 5 Draft that would allow these players an opportunity to move to a team that could actually use.

More Ni-gun games
Specifically, making the March Ikusei League and the October Pheonix League part of the Ni-gun regular season schedule.  That could add an additional 30-40 games to the schedule for each club.  There was also mention of adding Inter-league games to the schedule.