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MLB.com: Run-in with Ichiro leaves teen ‘starstruck’

by on Jul.09, 2010 @ 4:37 pm, under MLB

There's a vid at the MLB.com site showing Ichiro running toward the stands in foul territory and running into 17-year-old Aris Skinner (his glove knocked her in the head).  The hilarity ensues in the moments after the collision when she freaks out in excitement about her brush-up with the Mariners right fielder.

I also managed to find a short version of the vid at Youtube:


I removed the Youtube link since, as westbaystars said, the video was removed by MLB Advanced Media.  You can still, however, see it at the MLB.com link I provided up above.

BTW: last time I checked, there was still at least one version of the video up at Youtube.  I won't put a link to the video up here because it'll probably just get it removed.

4 comments on “MLB.com: Run-in with Ichiro leaves teen ‘starstruck’

    1. Gen Post author

      Thanks for the heads up. It really is too bad that they felt the need to have the clip removed from Youtube. I can understand the need to protect their properties, but then they should really be allowing people the option to embed MLB.com videos. That would probably keep a lot of people from uploading their own stuff at sites like Youtube.

  1. Eric

    I dunno; I feel like one of the reasons the MLB is becoming more and more irrelevant back home (relatively speaking, of course) is that they refuse to embrace the marketing potential of user-generated internet content. Kids go on Youtube and see videos of LeBron dunking or whatever and think they want to be like him – fast forward ten years and all the great athletes are playing basketball and football. The Internet generation looks to itself to define its trends, and MLB is stuck back in the 90’s where people looked to the media.

    1. Gen Post author

      User generated content is definitely becoming a much larger market than it used to be. And it can be a very important (READ: strong) marketing tool as well.

      Why the MLB doesn’t try to leverage that, I’m not really sure.

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