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Yomiuri Giants: July 14, 2010

by on Jul.14, 2010 @ 1:06 pm, under NPB

...The Giants surrendered 13 hits last night.  Even if the game didn't go into extra innings, the Tigers would have finished out the night with 10 hits.  That's now 12 straight games of allowing double-digit hits.

10 comments on “Yomiuri Giants: July 14, 2010

  1. rich Baker

    This pitching problem seems to be a generic team pitching problem since it essentially encompasses most, if not all, of the pitchers. Any word on what the pitching coach is doing to try to resolve this generic team problem?

    1. Gen Post author

      To be honest, I’m not sure if they have any thing specific planned. As a team, their H/9 is 9.0. Kentaro Nishimura (10.4) and Dicky Gonzalez (10.9) have been awful in keeping hit totals down. Tetsuya Utsumi (9.3) hasn’t been great either.

      Of the 19 pitchers that have spent time on the active roster this year, eight have H/9s over 10 and ten have H/9s over 9. So you’re thoughts on this being a team problem does make sense.

      Still, I don’t think there’s much the Giants can do but trot the pitchers out to the mound in the hopes that one (or more) of them will sooner or later be able to hold down the hits.

    1. Gen Post author

      Sorry I can’t provide better information. Incidentally, as I mentioned in today’s Giants’ update, I think the two rain outs could help the Giants a little since it’ll give the bullpen a break. I think the Giants are also really looking forward to getting Seth Greisinger back. He could provide a nice boost for the rotation when he’s ready to rejoin the active roster.

  2. Blacklabel

    They are playing the Baystars this weekend, I am sure the streak will be over tonight. Baystars will be lucky to get 10 hits in the next THREE games, much less in one game.

    1. Eric

      Careful, the Baystars actually have a decent lineup offensively with the new arrival Harper holding down first base. They won’t win the series, but I think they might put a bit of a fright into the Giants, same way they did with the Tigers at Koshien last week.

      1. Gen Post author

        I wouldn’t count out to Bay Stars’ offense either. In 10 games this month, their offense has collected double-digit hits in 5 of them.

  3. Blacklabel

    Yep have to come back and say I was wrong about this weekend, Giants pitching is really in trouble after all.

    For the Baystars, lets see if Kaga and Randolph can actually get some run support the next 2 games before we call this a trend though. Those two been pitching extremely well lately but almost never win due to no run support. Kaga has 2.81 ERA and is 3-6? thats sad….

  4. Blacklabel

    At least sometimes I am right too. ZERO runs for Kaga and ZERO runs for Randolph. Even when Yokohama does get hits it usually doesn’t lead to runs, last weekend hasn’t changed that. Thus, last place pretty much guaranteed again.

    But this really does make the Giants look bad for giving Yokohama like 21 runs in 3 games while Dragons gave none so far.

    1. Gen Post author

      The Giants pitching situation really is a mess right now. And it’s especially bad this month. I bet they can’t wait for the All-Star break to start.

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