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Yomiuri Giants: July 15, 2010

by on Jul.15, 2010 @ 12:35 pm, under NPB

10:48pm JST

...Tonight's rain-out may end up being a blessing in disguise for the Giants.  They duck out of playing two games against a fairly hot Hanshin team and it allows them to juggle their rotation around a bit more.  And what started as a 9-game stretch, now turns out to be a 6-game stretch.

Perhaps more importantly, the two nights off means more rest for the bullpen arms.  Between March and May, the bullpen made up about 30% of the innings the entire staff threw (134.0 innings out of a total 441.1 innings).  Since June, that has shot up to about 43% (116.2 innings out of a total 273.0 innings).

12:35pm JST

...Dicky Gonzalez will likely start tonight's game against the Hanshin Tigers.

...Seth Greisinger could make a Ni-gun start on the the 17th against Seibu.

...OF / base-running coach Koichi Ogata apparently gave Hisayoshi Chono some advice to help him with his defense.  The advice included: checking the batter, checking the catcher, and returning to his roots as an infielder.  The first two pieces of advice are somewhat self-explanatory so I'll leave it at that.  As for the third piece of advice: Chono used to play third and Ogata wanted to remind Chono that playing the outfield was similar to playing third in that the first step was absolutely key in determining how well a player was going to track down a ball.