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All-Star Game 2010: Central League Plans?

by on Jul.22, 2010 @ 4:38 pm, under NPB

9:59pm JST

According to a number of reports, the CL will be employing the following line-up for Game 1:

Pos Player Team
SS Hayato Sakamoto YOM
1B Michihiro Ogasawara YOM
RF Matt Murton HAN
DH Alex Ramirez YOM
3B Masahiko Morino CHU
LF Kazuhiro Wada CHU
C Shinnosuke Abe YOM
CF Norichika Aoki YAK
2B Keiichi Hirano HAN

4:38pm JST

It would seem that the Central League will go with Kenta Maeda (HIR) for Game 1 of the All-Star Series.  Shun Tono (YOM) will most likely go in Game 2.  Both pitchers are currently tied atop the CL for most wins with 11.

It also seems Michihiro Ogasawara (YOM) will be batting out of the 2-hole during the first game of the All-Star series.


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