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Kansai Big 6 All-Stars in the US

by on Jul.23, 2010 @ 8:18 am, under College

I'm not really sure how I missed this, but I did.  A group of players from the Kansai Big 6 League are currently touring the US.  They played Team USA yesterday and were beaten 4-1.  You can see the box scores and the play-by-play from the game at USABaseball.com.

Thanks to Steve for the heads up.


Date Agenda
7/18 Japan -> Omaha
7/19 vs Clarita A's
7/20 vs Omaha Osters?
7/21 vs Team USA
7/23 Omaha -> Hawaii
7/24 Hawaii Island Movers
7/25 Hawaii Island Movers
7/26 Hawaii Island Movers
7/29 Honolulu -> Japan


Uni Pos Name (JPN) Name (ENG) University Year
1 P 藤井 貴之 Fujii, Takayuki Doshisha 4
20 P 秋本 達也 Akimoto, Tatsuya? Kansai 3
18 P 宮本 俊輔 Miyamoto, Shunsuke? Kinki 4
13 P 本田 辰史 Honda, ? Kinki 4
21 P 山田 遼摩 Yamada, ? Ritsumei 3
11 P 徳山 武陽 Tokuyama ? Ritsumei 3
19 P 樫岡 徹 Kashioka, Toru Kwansei Gakuin 4
35 C 永松 泰典 Nagamatu, Taisuke Kansai 4
22 C 新実 彰平 Niimi, ? Kyoto 3
23 C 柴立 聡太 Shibatate? Kinki 4
12 C 新田 有規 Nitta, Yuuki Ritsumei 4
3 INF 小林龍之介 Kobayashi, Ryunosuke Kansai 3
5 INF 椿原賢太郎 Tsubakihara, Kentaro Kinki 4
4 INF 原 隆徳 Hara, Takanori Doshisha 4
6 INF 川越 大介 Kawagoshi, Daisuke Doshisha 3
24 INF 重光 建吾 Shigemitsu, Kengo Doshisha 3
30 OF 蛯子 大輔 Ebiko, Daisuke Kansai 4
26 OF 越智 英貴 Ochi, Eiki Kwansei Gakuin 3
28 OF 屋敷 勇仁 Yashiro, Yuuji Kyoto 4
27 OF 西濱 聡 Nisihama, Satoshi Kinki 4
9 OF 生島 峰至 Ikushima, Takashi Doshisha 3

Sorry I couldn't do better with the names.  I have better ideas on some of them, but didn't bother putting down my guesses.  If anyone out there cares to provide the English, drop me a line or post down in the comments.  Otherwise I'll try to work these out when I have some time.


5 comments on “Kansai Big 6 All-Stars in the US

  1. Deanna

    You probably missed it because coverage of this stuff is lousy both in English and Japanese. Did you also know that the Hawaii Island Movers came to Japan and played games against Waseda, Hosei, and Meiji on July 3-5? I wouldn’t have either if I hadn’t gotten email from the Hosei fan loop about it. Was too busy with the JLPT to go, though.

    I think the Hiroshima Big 6 are also supposed to be going to Hawaii this year, at least according to a friend who watched the Tokyo Big 6 there last year… he said something about a tournament with the Hiroshima Big 6, Kansai Big 6, and Hokusho.

    You might or might not want to post about the Big 6 All-Star Game going on in Matsuyama next month, too. I’m going to the game and will post about it at some point, but right now am too busy actually watching baseball to write about it, as usual.

  2. derrick

    Are any of these players on the Kansai big 6 going to be drafted? Who are the top prospects/


    1. Gen Post author

      Of the fourth year players on this roster, I think Takayuki Fujii and Yuuki Nitta are considered plus prospects. I’m sure there are a couple other that would be serviceable options, like perhaps Toru Kashioka (also helps that he’s left-handed).

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