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Swallows thinking of converting D’Antona to an OFer?

by on Jul.25, 2010 @ 4:17 pm, under NPB

It appears the Swallows have been thinking of converting Jamie D'Antona to a left fielder ever since Josh Whitesell joined the team (they both play first base).  In fact, it seems D'Antona has been taking fielding practice out in left at Ni-gun in preparation for the conversion (he has also appeared in three Ni-gun games as a left fielder).  And while D'Antona joined the Ichi-gun team for evening practice yesterday, he'll likely start the second half at Ni-gun.

As for why D'Antona is making the conversion instead of Whitesell...  Fielding and base-running coach Tetsuya Iida told reporters that D'Antona was a better candidate and that the team liked his strong throwing shoulder.