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Yu Darvish plans to throw his rising cutter in the second half

by on Jul.25, 2010 @ 7:55 pm, under NPB

Yu Darvish told reporters that he plans on using his new rising cutter during the second half of the season.  Seems Darvish was pleased with how well he was able to throw the pitch and how effective it was against the CL All-Stars.  Darvish also got some important feedback from players he threw the pitch to on Friday (like Shinnosuke Abe) during pre-game practice on Saturday.  Masataka Nashida appears to be on board as well with Darvish using his new pitch in the second half.

Incidentally, Nikkan Sports is also carrying an article about Hiroki Kokubo not being too concerned about Darvish's new pitch, especially since so much has been written about it now (it's no longer much of a mystery).  To paraphrase, Kokubo essentially told reporters that it was much harder to hit something you aren't expecting (know nothing about) than it is to hit something you've heard, read and or had a chance to see a number of times.  Kokubo was watching the game when Darvish pitched on Friday and has already started thinking of different ways to attack the pitch.   And while he was impressed with Darvish's new pitch, it seems he was even more impressed with Abe's at bat against Darvish.