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Dicky Gonzalez’s problems weight-related?

by on Jul.28, 2010 @ 10:17 am, under NPB

Sponichi makes note of how Dicky Gonzalez went 104kg last season to 110kg at the start of this season.  They're suggesting (and perhaps the Giants are as well) that the extra weight is the cause of his ineffectiveness this year and that it wasn't until about June that Gonzalez actually started working on losing weight.

Not really sure if I buy that, since Gonzalez has actually been doing worse since June.

Before June 10 57.1 69 40 10 5.49 1.38 6.3 1.6
From June on 7 37.0 69 20 10 6.32 1.65 4.9 2.4

But 7 games is a fairly small sample size.

Still, the drop in SO/9 and the rise in BB/9 is a bit of a concern.

One comment on “Dicky Gonzalez’s problems weight-related?

  1. rich Baker

    I have thought his problem has been weight related from the start of the season. The fact is that he did not stay in condition during the off season and came to spring training over weight and out of condition. He has never recovered. It is kind of sad. He has not only let himself down. He has let the entire team down.

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