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WUBC: Japan 4 – Korea 0

by on Jul.30, 2010 @ 10:14 pm, under College

I was at the game tonight with my camera.

Here is a small portion of the images I took.  You'll have to excuse the change in the color in some of the photos.  I recently got a new camera and I'm still playing around with the settings.

Also, these are not the full resolution images that I took.  I compressed them all in order to save space (picasa is limited to a gig).


A view of the field from where I was initially sitting along the third base side (made up of 9 images).

Players are introduced. Shota Ishimine is #10. I think he's bumping hands with Furukawa #55 (a coach).

#1 Yuki Saito.

And the rest of the players.

Throwing the ball around as the pitcher warms-up.

Pick-off attempt... SAFE!  I think that's Bon-Ki Shin #56.

Saito gets into some trouble... Based on the score, he obviously got out of it.  He seemed to get into and out of trouble all night.  It wasn't always pretty, but he kept Korea from crossing the plate.

Wee!!! I think that's Daichi Suzuki #5 sliding head first into first. Incidentally, if I recall correctly, the bases were loaded with one out and Suzuki was the second out in a double-play that ended the inning. That's why Korea is so pumped there.

It's a majorly blurry image, but I liked the energy and decided to upload it. That's Toshihito Abe #4. And he was called out at first (bottom of the 6th).

I missed out on capturing Hayata Ito's 2-run homer swing, but I did catch him high-fiving teammates after rounding the bases.

There's something very surreal about this image. BTW: that's Masahiro Inui #14.

Hiroshi Taki holding a runner on at first.

Seventh inning stretch.

Hiroshi Taki standing next to Yung-Ho Kim in the 8th inning.

Game over.

Final score.

Japanese players take their bow in front of their fans on the third base side.

All things considered, it was a fairly decent game.  And while I don't have any Tatsuya Oishi photos here, he was extremely impressive.  I can't wait to see how he does in the pros.