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More coming out on Hiromoto Okubo

by on Jul.31, 2010 @ 10:08 am, under NPB

Hiromoto Okubo told reporters yesterday that he never accepted any tardiness fines from any players and that it was something the players were doing between each other.  Okubo also added that there was another financial punishment in place that fined players 500 yen for missed sac flies.  It seems Okubo also paid the fine because he felt that as a batting coach, it was partially his fault when players failed to execute.

And according to Sanspo, Okubo and his lawyer have submitted a request to the Lions for get a full explanation of why he was dismissed -- Okubo feels that the investigations were one-sided and that the club never considered his side of the story.

Okubo did not make any mention of Yusei Kikuchi.

And speaking of poor Kikuchi...  It seems the media has been hounding him for a comment.  Or at least it would seem that way, as he has now stated that he will not make any comments regarding the Okubo incident.