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WUBC: Japan 15 – China 0

by on Aug.01, 2010 @ 2:49 am, under College

I didn't get too many in-game action shots during the game since I was distracted by both the activity in Japan's bullpen, but also with all the kids running around.

In any case, here they are:

Player introductions. Kimio Watanabe #3 bumping hands with Daichi Suzuki #5

Shota Koike #22, the catcher.

The scoreboard: starting line-ups and presiding umps.

Kimio Watanabe #3 diving back in before the tag.

Kisho Kagami #18 is going over things with his catcher during a bullpen session.

Yuki Saito #1. It was amazing how many people started coming over to the stands near the bullpen. And it was hilarious when the kids started asking Saito if he had a handkerchief on him. The crowd got so ridiculously large that the players had to laugh.

Kisho Kagami #18 gets the call.

It was pretty amazing watching Tomoyuki Sugano #11 throw right in front of me. And just like Tatsuya Oishi last night, you can really here his fastball.

Game over. Players celebrate.

A shot at the final scoreboard.

To see the rest of the images (including these, there are about 53 of them), check out my WUBC: Japan vs China album at Picasa.