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WUBC: USA 8 – Chinese Taipei 7

by on Aug.01, 2010 @ 10:44 pm, under College

Just got back in.  It was quite the game.

I managed to nab quite a few pictures.  I'll be uploading them a bit later (and I'll be adding them to this post).

In any case, the US beat Chinese Taipei, 8-7, in 11 innings.


Since I'm a bit strapped for time, I'll post this as a Picasa slideshow:

A couple of quick thoughts from the game:

I was really impressed with Chinese Taipei.  They just kept on coming back.  And it definite wore the US team down.  Each time it seemed like they had the game, Chinese Taipei would scratch around and tie the game or pull ahead.

Perhaps even more impressive though, was the crowd of Chinese Taipei supporters.  There were maybe 30-40 of them sitting behind the Chinese Taipei dugout.  And for the first half or so of the game, they were pretty quiet.  And then at one point, can't remember exactly which inning, one of the supporters got up and ran through the aisles with the Chinese Taipei flag waving behind him.  And that got everyone over there riled up.  From that point on, they were extremely vocal and became something of a 10th man on the field for Chinese Taipei.

There was also one somewhat embarrassing moment for Japanese fans.  Some bum sitting along the first base side wearing a team Japan uniform started heckling the USA team because they were arguing a call.  Again, I can't remember exactly which inning it occurred in, but if I'm not mistaken, it was a sort of a humpback liner to second that looked like it could have hit the ground.  What made matters worse was that the first base ump took his time calling the play.  In any case, I think the heckling was uncalled for.  And there certainly was no need to start yelling "shut up" in English.

Other than that, it was a great game all around.

3 comments on “WUBC: USA 8 – Chinese Taipei 7

  1. Albert Rayovac


    Honestly, this made my year!!!! Phenomenal pictures Gen!


    1. Gen Post author

      Glad to help out.

      If I have a chance to catch another US game before the end of the tournament, I’ll be sure to take a bunch of pictures again.

  2. Albert Rayovac

    Thank you Gen! The pitcher who was the winner for the US was Brian Johnson, a pitcher who I’ve seen pitch for the University of Florida.
    Pretty good!!

    Definitely looking forward to seeing more of your pictures. Thank you so much again! :]


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