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2011 NPB season to begin on 3/25

by on Aug.02, 2010 @ 11:35 pm, under NPB

8/3/2010 11:52am JST

A few additional items have been mentioned by reports posted today.  They are:

  • Five players from Ni-gun will be selected from each team in order to come up with the preliminary roster that will be competing at the Intercontinental Cup in October.  The final roster will consist of 24 players.
  • New balls produced by Mizuno will be used to Fall camp.
  • More on the Climax Series name change for the Central League: Climax Stage 1st Round will become First Stage and Climax Stage 2nd Round will become Final Stage.
  • The Fresh All-Star Game will take place on 7/21 at Toyama.
  • The NPB will begin select representatives to send to the Global World Series meetings set to take place later this month in the US.
  • The NPB will take into consideration the resolution the Player's Association came together on regarding player pensions during their July meeting.

8/2/2010 11:35pm JST

The NPB held an executive committee meeting today and decided on a number of things for the 2011 season:

  • the season will begin on 3/25 for both leagues
  • each team will once again play 24 Inter-league games for a total 144 games on the schedule
  • the All-Star game will take place at Nagoya Dome (7/22) and Chiba (7/23)
  • the Nippon Series will begin on 10/29 at the Pacific League home park
  • their will be a meeting in the US near the end of August to discuss the possibilities (and potential pitfalls) of an MLB vs NPB World Series
  • confirmed that Mizuno will be working on creating a ball that doesn't fly quite as much by doubling the rubber coating surrounding the cork core
  • and the change of the Central League's Climax Series 2nd Stage to Final Stage (the Pacific League will likely follow with a similar change).

The Lions also offered an apology for the distractions the Hiromoto Okubo "scandal" caused at both the executive committee meeting and the Pacific League board of directors meeting today.

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