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WUBC: Cuba 12 – Japan 7

by on Aug.02, 2010 @ 8:56 pm, under College

The only things I really remember about this game are that it was really hot (so hot that home plate ump left the game with heat sickness), long, and Japan looked overwhelmingly outmatched at times (they also rushed a lot of infield plays because of Cuba's speed).  And the power Cuba had was just amazing.  Hector Olivera's homer in the first looked like it was going to be a simply fly ball to left, but the ball just kept carrying and landed more than a few rows back beyond the left field wall.  The only pitcher that really looked like he was in control was Tomoyuki Sugano, and even he gave up 3 runs (solo shot and a 2-run shot).

In any case, here are the photos I took from the game.  Incidentally, there was another Yuki Saito outing that drew a much larger number of people than the last time.  There were also a couple of guys sitting a few rows back behind me...  One of them was drunk and the other sober, together they made a fairly funny boke-tsukkomi group (it's when one guy of plays dumb while the other corrects him).

Introduction of the umps.

Cuba's roster introduced.

And here's Japan...

And another shot of Japan...

Players meet in the middle of the field and then break.

The scoreboard before the start of the game.

Hector Olivera #12 about to touch home plate after his 2-run home in the first.

Daichi Suzuki #5 trotting home after his 3-run homer in the second inning.

Jose Abreu #79 trying to score in the 3rd inning and getting thrown out at home instead.

Tatsuya Oishi #15, lightly throwing the ball around in the bullpen.

The player Japan still can't seem to get enough of: Yuki Saito #1.

Hayata Ito #9 slides home safely in the 9th inning.

Final view of the scoreboard.

You can see the rest of the images I took (about 60 in all) at my WUBC: Japan vs Cuba album.

2 comments on “WUBC: Cuba 12 – Japan 7

  1. Deanna

    I am depressed by your lack of Kagami photos, despite that I know he only faced 3 batters and had a rough time out there. I see him in passing in the high-fives line photo, but that’s it.

    And yeah, it’s been awful in terms of the heat out there, I hope you brought enough cold water and icepacks and shading and all. I was coming home from high school qualifiers every day with headaches from the heat stroke — I assume they still had the 熱射病 warning out for these games as well…

    1. Gen Post author

      I’m not exactly sure why I don’t have any shots of Kagami pitching. But since he only threw 12 pitches, I think it was an issue of not having a chance to really set up a good shot with him. And the bullpen area was pretty busy with the Sugano and Saito sightings.

      Didn’t bring any icepacks with me, but I had plenty of liquids and I also remembers the sunscreen. Unfortunately, the sunscreen did nothing for me.

      And there were indeed frequent announcements (not just this game, but every game I’ve been to so far) reminding fans to take drinks of water in order to prevent heat sickness.

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