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Baseball player beaten at Biwako Seiki Sports College

by on Aug.03, 2010 @ 1:23 pm, under College

Four first year players on the Biwako Seiki Sports College baseball team ganged up and beat another first year baseball player on the team.  The beaten first year player incurred fairly serious injuries, including a broken jaw, and is currently hospitalized.

According to the college, the beaten first year player posted an entry on his blog complaining about how other first years skipped out on post-game clean-up activities on 7/24.  The beaten first year player also added that he wished they would all just quit.  The four players that ganged up on the first year player apparently read this blog entry and decided to call the player out on the 26th and took turns beating him.

The college has suspended all baseball activities and are currently discussing what actions to take on the four first year players.

The Biwako Seiki Sports College baseball team belongs to the second division of the Keiji University Baseball League.  There are about 100 players on the team.