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Kenta Kurihara plays in his first game since his injury

by on Aug.05, 2010 @ 7:09 am, under NPB

4:34pm JST

A lttle more on Kurihara's game.  He was the starting DH and batted first.  Out comes for his 4 at bats: line out to the pitcher, GIDP, ground out to first, and a single to center.  Kurihara also took the field (third base) in the 5th and handled two changes without any problems.

Kurihara will likely play in another Ni-gun game on the 6th (vs Chunichi).

7:09am JST

Kenta Kurihara went 1-for-4 in a Ni-gun practice game against Industrial league team JFE Nishi Nihon yesterday (his hit was a single to center in his fourth at bat of the game).

Kurihara told reporters that he still isn't able to swing the bat with authority and that he's still a bit hesitant about swinging the bat.

There's still talk of him making a possible return as early as the 7th (vs Yomiuri).