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WUBC: USA 4 – Japan 2

by on Aug.06, 2010 @ 12:41 pm, under College

I once again decided to go to the game at the very last minute and ended up getting to the stadium at around 6:30, so I missed out on all the offense (namely Springer's grand slam in the 1st inning).

As usual, I had my camera with me.  Unfortunately, I had an off-night -- I wasn't able to snap as many good images and for some reason, I really struggled with the lighting.  Odd because I didn't have the same problem the night before.  The only two things that changed between last night and the night before were the section I was sitting and a different zoom lens.  But it wasn't as if I was sitting in an entirely different location, or that the zoom lens I was using was hugely different from the one I used the night before.

In any case, I managed to filter out about 50 pictures that I thought were half-way decent.  Since I don't have time to lay them out, I've posted them in slideshow format.

A couple of news headlines from the game:

Shigeo Nagashima was at the game last night.  Nagashima was impressed with Tatsuya Oishi's outing and also said that Yuki Saito pitched well, outside of the first inning (in particular the one pitch that ended up over the fence for a grand slam).

Incidentally, Saito was a no-show at the post-game press conferenceTamotsu Enomoto asked reporters to give Saito a break for his absence.

3 comments on “WUBC: USA 4 – Japan 2

  1. Albert

    Phenomenal pictures!
    Other than the first inning, this was really a very good played by both teams.

    When will Saito be eligible for the NPB draft? And will you be going to the USA/Cuba game?

    Thank you!!!


    1. Gen Post author

      My aim is to go to the US – Cuba game. If I do, I will most definitely take pictures.

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