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Tigers preparing for the possible returns of Kawakami and Kuroda?

by on Aug.10, 2010 @ 1:40 pm, under NPB

The Hanshin Tigers appear to be preparing for the possible returns of Kenshin Kawakami and Hiroki Kuroda.  The Tigers apparently have their international scout taking a look at the two pitchers (in addition to other MLB players).

Kuroda is in the final year of a three year deal and is favored to return to Hiroshima if / when he does decide to return to the NPB.  But the Tigers feel they have a shot if they show Kuroda just how interested they are in him (and showing interest now certainly couldn't hurt either).

Kawakami is still in the second year of a three year deal, but with the way in which Kenji Jojima joined the team this year, the Tigers feel they have a shot with him as well.

UPDATE: it appears Kosuke Fukudome is also on the Tigers' radar.

2 comments on “Tigers preparing for the possible returns of Kawakami and Kuroda?

  1. Christopher

    Kuroda was expected to join the Tigers when he got his first free agency. He was persuaded to rejoin Carp by a now deceased relative but wasn’t really happy and negotiated an opt out clause which allowed him to go to the Majors if the Carp were as abysmal as before. The relative died in the interim and Kuroda exercised the option. He is actually a very good prospect for the Tigers – he is unlikely to want to return to the Carp. Kawakami and Fukudome are long shots – Fukudome very definitely if you recall the previous meeting he had with the Tigers before he went to the Majors.

    1. Gen Post author

      I probably shouldn’t have said “favored”. Poor choice of words on my part. Hiroshima is just another possible option.

      That said, Kuroda did once say that if he ever returned to Japan, it would be to play for the Carp. He may have just been saying that though.

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