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Ichiro wants Bobby V to manage Seattle?

by on Aug.17, 2010 @ 11:26 am, under MLB

5:48pm JST

The Seattle Times' Larry Stone is reporting that his Mariners' source doesn't think there's any truth to Gammons' tweet.

And it seems Ichiro is a bit peeved that Gammons used twitter to spread the news.

Said Ichiro, "Is it right for a person with this much clout to use such a small reporting tool to create smoke? If you believe your source, and you work in TV, then you should report it on TV.  And you hurt people who only have [TV] as a source for news.  It's also insulting to people like Yamauchi-san and myself."

11:26am JST

Peter Gammons recently tweeted that Ichiro wants the Seattle Marines to hire Bobby Valentine (via Hardball Talk).

Seems like he'd be an interesting choice for the Mariners.

The question mark could be Nintendo.

While Nintendo isn't really involved in day-to-day operations of the team, it's possible they'd hold the key -- that is, whose side were they on when Lotte got rid of Valentine.  The answer to that question may ultimately determine whether Valentine is seriously considered (the answer may not necessarily help Valentine get the job, but if Nintendo was on the same fence as Lotte, then it probably doesn't bode well for him).