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Shima suffers a contusion on his right finger; Takeyama required 4 stitches

by on Aug.21, 2010 @ 12:58 am, under NPB

Kenta Maeda (HIR) developed a blister on his right middle finger partway through last night's the game.  According to Maeda, it got worse in the 4th with the skin starting to peel.


Motohiro Shima (RAK) was removed from last night's game after he took a foul ball off his right hand while on defense in the 8th inning.  Shima was later taken to a hospital and diagnosed with a contusion on his right index finger.  He's currently considered day-to-day.


Shingo Takeyama (YOK) suffered a laceration on his lower lip when he took a foul tip off his mask while on defense in the 5th inning.  He required a total 4 stitches to close the cut.  It doesn't appear as though he'll miss any games.

2 comments on “Shima suffers a contusion on his right finger; Takeyama required 4 stitches

  1. Dan

    I like it when you put teams next to the player names. The new shift away from team-aggregated news posts has made it much more difficult for me to follow NPB news because I’m less familiar with who’s on what team, but this makes it all easier again.

  2. Gen Post author

    Thanks for the feedback Dan. I’ll try to include team names in future posts.

    FYI: a quick tip that you actually might find useful. I’ve been tagging all my posts with player names and team names so that it’s still easy keep track of specific teams and / or players. The tags can also help identify teams sometimes as well. With this particular post, it’s harder to tell which player belongs with which team just by looking at the tags, so this post is actually a bad example.

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