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Some more info on the new Mizuno balls

by on Aug.24, 2010 @ 1:31 pm, under NPB

A few more facts about the new Mizuno ball that will be used next season:

Mizuno will be under contract for two seasons, beginning next year.

The new balls coefficient of restitution has been changed from 0.417 to 0.4134 by changing the amount of rubber used to surround the cork core.

A ball traveling at 144km/h hit by a bat swung at 126km/h at 27 degrees now travels about 109.4 meters instead of the current ball's 110.4 meters.

The stitching (spacing has been expanded an extra 1mm and the height of the stitching has been lower 0.2mm) and leather material have been modified to mimic the MLB baseball a little more.

Each ball will cost between 850 to 1100 yen.

Production will move from Mie, Japan to China (Xiamen and Shanghai).

It seems the new ball will also sport Ryozo Kato's signature (in kanji), a la Bud Selig's signature on MLB baseballs.

The NPB would ultimately like to see the ball being used at international competitions.