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Norihiro Akahoshi considering a comeback?

by on Aug.31, 2010 @ 1:40 pm, under NPB

Norihiro Akahoshi is apparently thinking about making a comeback.  And it seems Akinobu Okada feels Akahoshi can still provide a team with production and is interested in his services.

But in order for this match to work, Akahoshi will need to get his unconditional release from the Hanshin Tigers.

When asked what he thought with regards to the Buffaloes' interest in him, Akahoshi told reporters that while he was honored that his name even came up, he also wasn't really in any position to make any comments because there had been no direct contact between the two sides.

3 comments on “Norihiro Akahoshi considering a comeback?

  1. Eric Lord

    That’s a surprise – Akahoshi made a big deal when he retired that the injury that caused him to retire in the first place was potentially life-threatening if he worsened it. I kinda feel like this is just publicity posturing by Okada and the Buffaloes, capitalizing on Akahoshi’s huge popularity in Kansai. Good luck to him, though – I’d love to see him carving up the basepaths again.

    1. Gen Post author

      Could be just a PR stunt. But it doesn’t seem like Akahoshi is denying any sort of a comeback attempt either. And according to a number of reports, Akahoshi has expressed an interest in making a comeback a number of times at various events.

      And while I don’t know how believable this is, there are reports that mention the Buffaloes falling into some information that Akahoshi recently starting training again.

  2. Jim

    Why did I get the feeling that Akahoshi was not really going to stay retired? He didn’t quite pull a Brett Favre on us, but it certainly feels that way. Makes me wonder if Okada-kantoku also had a hand in this, maybe had a word with Akahoshi on the side.

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