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Would you bring back Junji Ogawa next year?

by on Aug.31, 2010 @ 3:06 pm, under NPB

Junji Ogawa has done an exceptional job at managing the Swallows after Shigeru Takada stepped down on 5/26 (69 G, 43-25-1).  The club has also received about 100 letters from fans asking that Ogawa stay on as manager for the 2011 season.

But if you're the Swallows, do you keep Ogawa on for another season?

Or do you move forward with your plans to bring in a new manager, like Daisuke Araki?

Chunichi Shimbun has apparently learned that while there are people in the front office that would like to see Araki take over as manager next year, the club may end up deciding to stick with Ogawa if the Swallows continue to play well over the remainder of the season.

But where would that leave Araki?

If Ogawa returns as manager next season, the club could make Araki the head coach.  That would give Ogawa a full season to show what he's capable of doing and would also give Araki a little more experience.

Incidentally, it seems one of the things the Swallows' front office is concerned about with regards to making Araki manager next season is the backlash he could get if he ends up doing poorly, especially on the heals of a successful campaign by Ogawa.

IMHO, the Swallows really wanted Araki to manage next season, they could have saved themselves a lot of trouble if they just left Takada in as manager.