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2 comments on “Toshiaki Imae held out of the starting line-up

  1. Deanna

    I was there, and it’s not as simple as “running the bases”. He was on second and tagged up on a fly ball and slid into third base at the same time the ball got there; there was a bit of a collision and Imae was safe at third, but then he didn’t actually stand up from sliding into the base, he was lying on the ground for a minute or so… I was impressed he stayed in the game given that he didn’t even look like he could stand up. But he did, and played the field too and didn’t come out of the game until the 9th inning when Masato Watanabe pinch-ran for him.

    He really shouldn’t have run on that fly ball in the first place is the stupid part, but whatever.

    1. Gen Post author

      For those that didn’t see the play, you can sort of see it in this YouTube clip. You can see him sliding into third with his right leg and then popping up on the bag in an awkward manner, and then basically plopping down on the other side of the bag while grabbing at his right ankle. In looking at the replay a number of times, it looks like he was just unlucky with that slide.

      I’m not really sure if was a flat out “stupid” play (the play wouldn’t have ended the inning and in looking at the replay, it seems only a perfect throw would have gotten him out, which the Fighters more or less executed). I think it’s one of those plays where the result determines what kind of play it is. If he gets thrown out, then it’s a stupid play. If he gets in there safe without getting hurt, it’s aggressive base-running that probably shouldn’t have been executed, but since he was safe, it’s ok. The fact that he injured the leg shades the decision a little gray.

      I’m also guessing Imae doesn’t take that same risk if the Marines were playing a different team, or if it was a little earlier in the season.

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