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Yosuke Shimabukuro heading to college

by on Sep.06, 2010 @ 11:43 am, under College, High School

9/7/2010 1:30am JST

Chuo University baseball manager Yoshimasa Takahashi told reporters he was happy to hear the news, especially since he was a player the team reached out to before Koshien.

9/6/2010 11:43am JST

Nikkan Sports reports that lefty Konan pitcher Yosuke Shimabukuro appears to be heading to Chuo University.  Not too much of a surprise since there were already a number of rumors pointing to him going to college.

One comment on “Yosuke Shimabukuro heading to college

  1. Deanna

    Him going to college isn’t surprising, but I’m vaguely surprised he’s not trying to get into a Big 6 college instead, unless he WANTS to mostly sail under the radar as a college player, which from his personality wouldn’t surprise me. Though Chuo is going to be in dire need of pitching next year after both their aces graduate and it’d be a good place for a freshman to actually get a good chunk of playing time in league games, I suppose.

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