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A couple of NPB meetings took place on Monday

by on Sep.07, 2010 @ 12:59 am, under NPB

11:17pm JST

A number of other issues were also discussed at the meetings yesterday.

The preliminary roster for the Intercontinental Cup (60 Ni-gun players) was released.  The final roster will be pared down to 24 players by Kaoru Okazaki (manager).  The final roster will also play a practice game against Ni-gun Yomiuri on 10/16.

The Central League is interested in continuing with the Great Central event next season.

The Pacific League will consider heat issues when scheduling outdoor afternoon games next season.

12:59am JST

An NPB executive committee meeting was held on Monday in Tokyo.  Some of the topics that were discussed:

The current pension system and concepts for the new pension system.  They ultimately decided the decisions should be made at the upcoming emergency owner's meeting on the 28th.

They confirmed that the Pheonix League will take place again this season.  There was some concern about the foot-and-mouth disease, but it now seems the worst is over so running the league shouldn't be a problem.

Giants' rep Hidetoshi Kiyotake also mentioned to the other 11 teams that he received a request from the mayor of Miyazaki asking that the NPB hold their Ni-gun Inter-league games in their prefecture next year over a week in May.

The NPB also held a board of directors meeting and a general meeting on Monday.  Some of the topics that were discussed:

Classes will be set up to educate players on various ways to deal with gangster organizations.  Every club will also establish a hotline that players can make use of if they have questions.  It's all about protecting the players.

There were deliberations on the budget for the next fiscal year beginning in October, but an approval could not be reached.  The discussions will continue at the emergency owner's meeting on the 28th.  It seems with the raise in membership fees (from 70M yen to 100M yen), clubs are taking more interest in the books.  Incidentally, it seems the raise in the membership fees may put the new NPB budget in the black for the first time in 3 years.