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NPB teams interested in Kazuo Matsui

by on Sep.07, 2010 @ 3:04 pm, under MLB, NPB

It seems there aren't quite that many NPB teams interested in Kazuo Matsui.  Ages appears to be one of the issues, at least for the Yokohama Bay Stars.  And while a reunion with the Seibu Lions might be a nice trip down memory lane, the Lions already have players like Yasuyuki Kataoka, Hiroyuki Nakajima, and Hideto Asamura up the middle.  However, it seems the Lions would be willing to consider it should Kaz's return to Japan become a reality.

That all said, it does seem as though the Eagles are interested in Kaz (they already have some guys looking into him).  While they do have players like Kensuke Uchimura, Yosuke Takasu, and Naoto Watanabe up the middle, it seems the team isn't completely convinced that they're enough (Takasu and Watanabe are also somewhat injury-prone).

As an added bonus, the Eagles also have Toru Kusuki working in their scouting department, the same scout that was working for the Lions when Kaz was drafted in 1993.

So the Eagles have a need and they have a connection.  The one thing they may not have is the money.

Of course, Kaz also has to want to return to Japan first.

2 comments on “NPB teams interested in Kazuo Matsui

  1. muratafan

    Egads, NO! Uchimura, Takasu and Watanabe make up a pretty solid middle of the field/top of the order. Kaz would cost some (for NPB) serious yen and I am not certain he’s got much left in the tank. The Eagles need some HR pop and Kaz’s HR history has been spotty and likely to diminish in the bigger Kleenex stadium.

    I would rather the Eagles go after someone like Fernandez to give their order some much needed HR pop. The Eagles are dead last in Pl home runs by a wide margin.

    This would be a huge mistake, in my opinion and that’s not much room for error in Sendai!

    1. Gen Post author

      For me, I think Kaz could make sense, but only if they get rid of either/both Yamasaki and Nakamura.

      Yamasaki has a big contract and getting rid of him would open up some money. Unfortunately, the club gave him a two year deal before the start of the season and I can’t see any clubs wanting him in a trade.

      Allowing Nakamura to walk would open up the DH spot for Kaz. (Plus, who knows what kind of money he’ll ask for after the season he’s had this year.) At Kaz’s age and playing on turf on a regular basis, I think he might need to DH on a somewhat regular basis.

      Now, the problem with this is you don’t know what kind of hitter Kaz will be when he returns. You already sort of know the kind of hitter Yamasaki and Nakamura will be, so you can set a certain level of expectations.

      I think perhaps the more important question for the Eagles is what they’re going to do with Nakamura. He was a total loss last year due to injuries, but he has proven to be serviceable this year. If the Eagles don’t bring him back next season, they’ll need to find someone to replace that bat — .733 OPS (4th on the team), 13 HR (2nd on the team), 63 RBI (2nd on the team).

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