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Tatsuya Oishi’s Tokyo Big 6 Career Stats

by on Sep.08, 2010 @ 2:10 am, under College

Deanna's post about Tatsuya Oishi's effectiveness as a starter over his college career got me wondering about his Tokyo Big 6 stats.

I went back and grabbed what I could find and put together the following chart:

As a reliever

2007 Fall 8 1 1 80 19.0 14 13 23 2 0.95 10.9 6.6
2008 Spring 9 1 0 60 17.2 5 2 32 0 0.00 16.3 2.5
2008 Fall 8 1 0 54 16.0 4 1 34 0 0.00 19.1 2.3
2009 Spring 7 1 0 53 15.0 6 3 17 2 1.20 10.2 3.6
2009 Fall 7 1 0 88 24.1 13 4 29 1 0.37 10.7 4.8
2010 Spring 9 2 1 93 23.0 17 6 35 7 2.74 13.7 6.7
Totals 48 7 2 428 115.0 59 29 170 12 0.94 13.3 4.6

As a Starter

2007 Fall 1 1 0 16 5.0 1 0 7 0 0.00 12.6 1.8
2009 Spring 1 0 1 25 5.0 8 3 5 4 7.20 9.0 14.4
2009 Fall 1 0 1 25 4.0 9 4 6 6 13.50 13.5 20.3
Totals 3 1 2 66 14.0 18 7 18 10 6.43 11.6 11.6

Note: this only includes stats from the Fall and Spring leagues and does not include stats from the rookie leagues or any of the tournaments he has played in.

These are some pretty gaudy numbers as a reliever.  As a starter though...  Yeah, not so great.  But three games is a very small sample size.  And with the type of stuff he has (and his age), I don't think it would really be fair to label him as a relief-only pitcher so soon.  Personally, I'd love to see what he can do as a starter.

4 comments on “Tatsuya Oishi’s Tokyo Big 6 Career Stats

  1. Deanna

    It’s not just the numbers, it’s what he looks like out there. How many times have you seen him pitch, besides those tournaments? I actually SAW him at those starts, and he’s pretty much lost out there (that start his Freshman year was against Tokyo University, so it doesn’t count). It’s like he has this mental thing going on where he realizes, “Crap, I’m starting today, so I can’t just go out there and try to throw everything at 95mph”, and then he gets hit, and it’s like “Wait, I have to be out there for several more innings of this?”

    Whereas he comes out as a reliever and he just looks like “Nobody’s hitting me. So there.”

    It’s seriously like seeing two totally different pitchers. Which is why I don’t think Ohtake-kantoku really tried to have him start much.

    Also keep in mind that there’s been discussion in the past of whether he’d be successful as a position player (he’s played a pretty good shortstop and centerfield in Big 6 games in the past, and also has a batting average of .323 for his appearances in 2007-2009, I’ve even seen him come in as a pinch-hitter since he’s a lefty batter).

    1. Gen Post author

      I have never seen him start, so I can’t comment on those games. But I have seen him outside of the tournaments a number of times recently at the league games.

      In the end though, regardless of how he looked out there during those starts, IMHO, I don’t think it’s fair to label him as someone that can’t start. To me, based on your description, it sounds like it could be a mental issue. If he’s looking lost during the starts, it could be as simple as building up his confidence and getting him to see that he can start. And if you look, his first start actually wasn’t so bad. It was a bit short at only 5 innings, but he also only gave up just 1 hit, didn’t walk / hit anyone, and struck 7. I didn’t see that start, but based on the numbers alone, I can’t imagine him looking that lost during a start like that.

      I also know about his skills as a position player. But unless he specifically states that he wants to be a position player, I don’t know why any team would want to convert him into one.

      In addition, while I haven’t posted it here in English, there was a report at Nikkan Sports at the end of last month that said Oishi was going to focus only on pitching during the Fall League. Whether or not that report is actually true, I have no idea. But it may be indicative of the direction he’s moving in. Personally, I think he has more value as a pitcher.

    2. Deanna

      That first start, during his freshman year, was against Tokyo University, as I said. It really doesn’t count. In the entire time Ohishi has been in college, Todai has won exactly 3 games (and lost 70). *YOU* could probably go pitch against them and not look lost.

      Besides, where did I say that he CAN’T become a starter in the future, anyway? I was saying, in my original comment, that I wonder where they get the idea he’s an arm ready to contribute right now as a starter, is all. As you said, they could certainly work on stretching him out and his mental approach. I know you’re just translating news articles and not writing any of this yourself, but I just thought that was really weird. Of course, the actual context of the article appears to be “We prefer Ohishi over Sawamura because he could start AND close.”

      Oh yeah, Ohishi has always said in interviews that he would rather be a pitcher than anything else, period. There was a REALLY big deal about it after he started at shortstop AND closed out the game at “Ohishi Theater” at Soukeisen a few semesters back. But I remember reading an interview in Shube magazine where he said straight out, “The pitcher is the most important person in the game at any time and I would rather do that than anything else. When they announced me as shortstop, even *MY* feeling was ‘マジ?!'”, though he also admitted that if it took doing something else to succeed as a pro, he wouldn’t entirely be against the idea. There’ve certainly been plenty of converted pitchers who have met with pretty good success (I still remember when Yoshio Itoi was a pitcher…)

      I don’t actually think he will have to convert. But I also do think that he is best suited to be a closer, at least right now. I’d almost rather have him as the Fighters’ closer right now than Hisashi Takeda, to be perfectly honest.

      Out of curiosity, how relevant do you really see all of these draft gossip articles anyway (where each article pretty much says almost the exact same thing, like “we want to draft Saitoh, Ohishi, and Sawamura”)? I think it’s safe to say that for the most part these top college guys are on all the lists, and the more interesting developments will be things like how Sawamura recovers from his injury this semester.

      1. Gen Post author

        I wasn’t really arguing that you didn’t think he could start. I don’t think you’ve ever said either way, at least not specifically.

        I was just expressing my opinion. It wasn’t in opposition to your comment from the other thread. Your comment only got me thinking about it a little. That’s all.

        And based on the numbers he has put up, how can you NOT think of the kind of numbers he might be able to put up.

        All of this reminds me of the discussions I’ve read about where to pitch Joba Chamberlain. Chamberlain was a stud in relief in his first year in the bigs. But he came up through the system as a starter and the Yanks placed more value on his as a starter than a reliever (future closer). Since that first year, Chamberlain has bounced around between starter and reliever and is currently back in the pen.

        Chamberlain has had mixed results as a starter in the Bigs and I’m not sure if it’s a result of that, but he also started to see mixed results as a reliever.

        But I digress. I realize that it’s entirely possible that Oishi is just a better closer than a starter. I’m not necessarily saying that can’t be the case. But if you have plans for him to be a starter, you don’t want to start him off as a closer, because that will only reinforce that thinking in him. I also tend to think it’s much easier for pitchers to go from starting to closing. If a team drafts him and has plans for him to become a starter, I wouldn’t mess with putting him into a relief / closer role temporarily. I’d start him off as a starter and give him a year or two to see if he can make the adjustment. If not, then move him back into the bullpen.

        Again, just my opinions.

        As for your question about the draft gossip articles… I don’t place too much importance on them. I do mention them at times, like the Orix Oishi one, but it seems like most of the articles are just going through the motions and stating the obvious. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t an occasional nugget.

        Also, for people not living in Japan and / or for people that can’t read Japanese, posting articles like this is just a way to show them what is being printed in the newspapers about the draft.

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