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City rejects proposal for referendum on old Hiroshima Stadium

by on Sep.21, 2010 @ 2:04 am, under NPB

On September 8th, a group against the demolition of old Hiroshima Stadium submitted a proposal asking the city to hold a referendum on the future of the stadium.  Their argument for the referendum was that it was the only way the city would ever know what its citizens were really thinking with regards to the destruction of the stadium.

To provide a little more info: the city feels that no more than 10% of its citizens are against the destruction of the stadium.  And it seems they got that number from a survey they conducted with regards to the rebuilding of the area.  Now here's the potential pitfall: the survey apparently never asked citizens about they're thoughts on the destruction of the stadium and every question was framed with the understanding that the stadium would be destroyed and the land would be used for other purposes.  And this is what the group is focusing on.

The city of Hiroshima issued a response on the 18th that said they were rejecting the proposal because the demolition of the stadium wasn't an issue that affected the well-being of its citizens and that it wasn't an important matter to the municipal government.  Actually, the response was a little more rigid and basically went along the lines of saying that the referendum didn't fulfill the requirements stated under article 2 of the Hiroshima Referendum Act.  And article 2 calls into question the overall importance of the potential referendum, with regards to the well-being of the citizens.

The group wasn't satisfied with the response from the city and is now planning other courses of action -- filing both a petition of objection and a lawsuit.