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Takumi Akiyama wins his fourth in a row

by on Sep.21, 2010 @ 3:08 pm, under NPB

Takumi Akiyama (HAN) beat the Giants yesterday, 4-2, and became just the third Hanshin player drafted out of high school to record a win against them in his rookie season.  The other two: Yutaka Enatsu won three against the Giants in his rookie year in 1967 and Shoji Toyama recorded 1 win in his rookie year in 1986.

Akiyama is also the first Hanshin pitcher out of high school to go on a 4-game inning streak in his rookie year since Toyama had a 5-game winning streak in 1986.

A list of Hanshin pitchers drafted out of high school and their winning streaks during their rookie year (courtesy Sports Hochi):

Player Year Streak
Yutaka Enatsu 1967 6
Masaaki Koyama 1953 5*
Masahiro Yamanaka 1954 5*
Shoji Toyama 1986 5
Takumi Akiyama 2010 4
Yutaka Enatsu 1967 4

* denotes pitchers that started their streaks with a win on their first start.