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Hanshin Tigers pitching news and notes from 9/25/2010

by on Sep.25, 2010 @ 3:08 pm, under NPB

The Tigers apparently have a plan to pitch Tomoyuki Kubota and Kyuji Fujikawa for 2 innings each during today's game against Hiroshima IF Randy Messenger gets knocked out of the game early.  Kubota and Fujikawa have had two inning relief appearances together 10 times in the past, with their last such game on 9/6/2008.

Takumi Akiyama's next start could come on 10/1 or 10/2.  And while a Sanspo report more or less shoots down the chance that Akiyama pitches in relief today, a Nikkan Sports report leaves open that possibility, especially since not pitching in relief would mean having him start on 10-11 days of rest (Akiyama's last start came on 20th).

It appears Minoru Iwata could be making his return to the mound at the Pheonix League (begins 10/5).  Yesterday, Iwata tossed 42 pitches in the bullpen and will likely throw about 70 pitches tomorrow.  It seems he could also make the postseason roster for the Climax Series depending on how well he pitches during his rehab stints at the Pheonix League.

2 comments on “Hanshin Tigers pitching news and notes from 9/25/2010

  1. Eric Lord

    Messenger today? Seriously? Hanshin is pretty much down to winning all their remaining games left in order to have a shot at the title – you have to go to a four-man rotation of Akiyama, Standridge, Nohmi, Kubo. If Mess gets blown away again tonight the season is basically over. I don’t get a lot of Mayumi’s pitching decisions.

    1. Gen Post author

      I would have been a little worried about Messenger pitching as well, but he actually did a decent enough job: 5.1 IP, 22 BF, 93 NP, 4 H, 6 SO, 2 BB, 1 R, 1 ER.

      Plus, with 2 days off, you have a starting staff that’ll be well rested. Standridge, Kubo, and Nomi can all pitch on 6 days of rest. Akiyama will be pitching on a bit more than that. And then you can either bring Messenger back, or you can go back to Standridge on 3 days of rest.

      Ultimately, I think the Tigers started Messenger on Saturday because they probably didn’t think they’d get through their next 6-game stretch (9/28 – 10/3) without him.

      I’ll be interested in seeing which pitcher they go with next Saturday (assuming Akiyama goes on Friday). I can see one of the core four pitching on 4-days of rest, but not 3, unless the bullpen is well-rested. I guess there’s also the option of calling up Shimoyangi for one of those weekend starts next week, but then you have to ask, is he better than Messenger, or worse?

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