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4 comments on “Fighters just beat the Lions, 4-3…

  1. Jim

    YES! First time since 2005, hopefully the home-field advantage gives us what we need to go into the Japan Series. For the Japan Series, how is home-field determined?

    1. Omar

      Home field alternates between the two leagues.
      Last year, the Pacific League had the four games. This year, the Central will have the advantage.

      P.S. A Jekyll & Hyde September for the Lions.
      11-2 to start the month, 2-7 to finish it.
      The sweep by the Hawks did them in. Sigh.

      1. Gen Post author

        Yeah, talk about an awful self-implosion…

        Gotta give credit to the Hawks though. They started the month with 4 straight losses and were 5-9 before winning 5 straight (including the 3 game sweep over the Lions).

        Very impressive.

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