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Potential Tigers rotation moving foward (9/28 onward)

by on Sep.27, 2010 @ 3:50 pm, under NPB

Atsushi Nomi, Yasutomo Kubo, Jason Standridge, Randy Messenger, and Takumi Akiyama reported to practice at Koshien Stadium yesterday.  Daily Sports feels these are the five starters the Tigers will likely go with down the stretch.

And so far it seems:

Jason Standridge will get a start on 9/28 (vs Yomiuri at Koshien)

Atsushi Nomi will get starts on 9/29 (vs Yomiuri at Koshien) and 10/5 (vs Yakult at Jingu)

Yasutomo Kubo will get starts on 9/30 (vs Yokohama at Koshien) and 10/6 (vs Yokohama at Yokohama)

Takumi Akiyama will get a start on 10/1 (vs Hiroshima at Mazda)

No mention of who will pitch on 10/2 or 10/3, but based on the above schedule, Randy Messenger will likely start at least one of those two games (with my guess being 10/2).  Standridge could then start the game on 10/3 on 4 days of rest.  If he's not capable of making that start, the Tigers will likely have to call someone up from Ni-gun.  That Sunday game might end up being a big question mark for the team.