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Marty Brown’s run as Eagles’ manager over?

by on Sep.29, 2010 @ 4:51 am, under NPB

It seems the Rakuten Eagles are may indeed be thinking about getting rid of Marty Brown once the season officially ends.  A Chunichi Shimbun article mentions the rumor in an article posted yesterday that also discusses the possibility of the Eagles asking Yakult Swallows pitching coach Daisuke Araki to be their next manager.

While I'm not really sure what to think of the Araki rumor presented in the article, but I do think the rumor about Brown getting fired could be a real possibility.

The Eagles have yet to inform Brown about whether or not he'll be managing the team next season, but it seems he is scheduled to meet with club rep Jun Yoneda on the 30th (the day after the last game of the season).  While that doesn't mean Brown's run with the Eagles is over, it also doesn't sound very promising.

Yoneda did also express his frustration with the current season by telling reporters a few days ago that he felt the team lost at least 5-6 games they should of won.  Not exactly a glowing review of Brown.

The Eagles may also be recalling some of the headlines Brown supposedly created back in March by promising to kiss everyone's butts and / or to get down on his hands and knees and beg everyone's forgiveness if the team finished in 5th place or worse.

And guess what?

The team finished in 6th and Brown may now have to eat his own words.

One comment on “Marty Brown’s run as Eagles’ manager over?

  1. muratafan

    Just a dreadful move on the part of management. I will qualify this by saying IF Brown was responsible for the signing of Andy Phillips, re-signing of Todd Linden, then I think it is fair to say that Brown may have to go.

    On the other hand, he was dealt an AWFUL set of cards: a 41 year-old cleanup hitter who clearly had a career year (for his age) since he was going up for contract renewal, Nakamura was – as predicted by virtually everyone – old and declining. Brown made a very BIG weakness – a bullpen without an established closer – into a strength. There was virtually no home run ‘pop’ in the Eagles this year and for that the blame lies primarily with the front office. If Brown was part of that front office, then he probably should serve as a sacrificial lamb. If not, this is a classic ‘save face’ move on the part of the front office.

    This also tells me that Iwakuma is going to be posted. A ‘built in’ excuse for a bad year next year and for a new manager. If Iwakuma is posted, the Eagles are pretty much a lock for the basement again and Brown would be gone after the 2011 season anyway.

    Hopefully, the Eagles will purge themselves of the contracts of Linden, Nakamura, Rasner, Phillips and maybe even Ruiz (striking out every 3rd plate appearance indicates he’ll probably struggle in his second year like Linden did). With those contracts gone, maybe the Eagles can re-sign Iwakuma and have enough left over to sign Fernandez away from Seibu.

    Given that the Fighters are likely to post Darvish, this tells me that it REALLY was a struggle financially for many Pa-League teams this year.

    If the Fighters wait another year or so, the U.S. economy should turn around and their posting fee is likely to be much, much higher AND they get to keep Darvish through next year (at least). The timing of the Darvish posting is a pretty clear indication that the Fighters need some cash.

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