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MLB scout on Darvish: He’s good, not great

by on Sep.29, 2010 @ 4:45 pm, under MLB, NPB

Nikkan Sports refers to a Peter Gammons' article at MLB.com that mentions the thought of one MLB scout that apparently isn't convinced with Yu Darvish's potential.  A snip:

But one scout who watched Darvish isn't sold on Darvish being a front-of-the-rotation starter. "He's good, not great," says the scout. "He throws 91-94, but there's a lot of fear involved. He can come in and intimidate hitters in Japan. That won't fly here. He'll be pretty good, but he's not a premium guy." One Yankees scout gave a similar report.

Interesting.  To be honest, that might be similar to my current assessment of Darvish.  And in the end, just like with draft picks, there's no guarantee just how good (or bad) Darvish will ultimately be.  And while I never really thought much about the differences in training routines before, I think Daisuke Matsuzaka's troubles with the Red Sox coaches are a good indication that Darvish could also experience some serious growing pains with regards to adjusting to the mantra of less is more when it comes to the number of pitches thrown.