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Swallows one loss away from post-season elimination

by on Sep.30, 2010 @ 10:04 pm, under NPB

If my calculations are correct...

The Yakult Swallows lost to the Hiroshima Carp tonight and are now just a loss or a Hanshin Tigers' win away from being eliminated from post-season play.

The Tigers also lost tonight, dropping their game against the Yokohama Bay Stars.  If the Tigers lose one more, or if the Dragons win their final game of the season on 10/2, they will no longer have a shot at winning the league title (since a tie will go to the Dragons since they won the season series, 13-9-2).

Forgot to include that the Swallows' loss also guaranteed the Giants a post-season berth.

5 comments on “Swallows one loss away from post-season elimination

  1. Joe

    I am going to blame hanshin’s loss on mayumi. Why pull kubo? He was having a great game. I know its kyuji, but as we found out tonight again, kyuji isn’t as solid as a rock

    1. Bryan

      90% of their losses can be blamed on Mayumi. Even after putting in Kyuji, I would have pulled him after he walked his first two batters.

  2. Tom

    It’s hard for any team to win 7 straight, but I have to agree that the loss to Yokohama was brutal.

    The Tigers have a weak schedule to close the season, and the Dragons are absolutely terrible against the Swallows (I see them losing their finale), so there’s hope yet.

    Either way, I’m just glad to see anyone but the Giants win the CL.

  3. Blacklabel

    Fujikawa is your guy. Gotta live or die with him. You should be happy you have someone of that skill level to close out all your games. Cant go back the next day and think about should have taken him out, no closer is perfect…..

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