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10/5/2010: Hideki Matsui, Koji Uehara, Ichiro Suzuki

by on Oct.05, 2010 @ 5:38 pm, under MLB

Hideki Matsui cleared out his locked on the 4th.  Looks like Kyodo News interviewed him.  A few things that were mentioned in the interview:

  • Matsui realizes that teams no longer consider him as a reliable player because of his knee problems.  He added that he saw players in similar situations over the years and that a players "true colors" came out during this final years: will the player gets ticked and act out, or will they just shut-up and play?
  • Matsui was able to confirm that he could still play the field despite his knee problems.  He also didn't experience any swelling in his knees, or had to have his knees drained this season.
  • While Matsui had a strong feeling of wanting to stay with the Yanks, he isn't sure if he has that same kind of feeling with the Angels this year.  Sort of makes sense since he spent a lot more time with the Yanks and only one season with the Angels.
  • If Matsui becomes a free agent, he says he'll "reset" his feeling and start over again from scratch.  He doesn't care where he can play and money isn't an issue.
  • Matsui thinks he can keep playing.  When he first started playing in the Majors, he thought about goals like playing 10 years in the Majors or playing until 40, but now he thinking year-by-year.


The Athletics cut ties with Akinori Iwamura on the 4th.


Koji Uehara told reporters on the 3rd that he's slowly coming to terms that his body may no longer be strong enough to be a starting pitcher (about 80% convinced).


Ichiro Suzuki finished out the season with 214 hits, tops in the Majors.  Ichiro has now led the Majors in hits 5 straight years.  He also managed to finish with 42 stolen bases and was the only playing the AL to play in 162 games.