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Rakuten Eagles to go after Senichi Hoshino

by on Oct.05, 2010 @ 12:39 pm, under NPB

It appears the Rakuten Eagles have narrowed down their managerial candidate to Senichi Hoshino.  Of all the names that have been raised, Hoshino probably makes the most sense at this point for the Eagles -- he has a name, he has experience, and he would bring instant credibility to the team.  Hoshino is also someone that can provide the Eagles with some stability, something the club will seriously need during their rebuilding phase.

Incidentally, reports also mention that Rakuten chairperson Hiroshi Mikitani recently met with Hanshin owner Shinya Sakai to seek permission to approach Hoshino.  And according to someone with Hanshin, the general feeling is that he'll accept.

One comment on “Rakuten Eagles to go after Senichi Hoshino

  1. muratafan

    Only in Japan could there be a ‘swap’ of great starting pitcher for a ‘name’ manager in the hopes of goosing attendance. Hoshino is going to cost some $$$ versus Marty Brown.

    So, Rakuten cuts costs with the removal of Nakamura, (hopefully) Linden, Phillips and Rasner AND they post Iwakuma. So, with that cash no longer tied up, they go after Hoshino? I pray that that is NOT the only off-season move we see from Rakuten.

    Rakuten’s cleanup hitter will be 42-years old starting next season. Granted, Yamasaki was second in the league in HRs this year, but he traded off strikeouts – and REALLY reduced his OBP – for keeping his HRs up there. I can’t imagine any improvement from him next year.

    Unless Rakuten does SOMETHING other than sign Hoshino, there’s going to be another 6th-place finish for the Eagles next year….and the gap will have grown.

    As an Eagles (and Shuichi Murata) fan, this is horribly depressing.

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