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4 comments on “Rakuten Eagles interested in Kaz and Kawakami?

  1. muratafan


    Help me out here:

    How on earth can the Eagles AFFORD Kaz AND Kawakami AND Hoshino? I really thought that they were on a cost-cutting mission. I never really thought Iwakuma was that gung-ho on MLB and I really don’t think the Eagles will get that much of a posting fee….something tells me it will be no more than $10 million, probably $8 million.

    Plus, not sure why Kaz. He’s a HUGE risk in terms of salary and productivity. Iguchi and Johjima both had gotten the short end of the stick with their MLB careers and both came back strong in NPB. I think both Kaz and Iwamura were granted pretty good opportunities to get themselves out of their funks and didn’t do so. Sure Kaz is an upgrade over virtually ANY Eagles infielders….but for the money he’ll probably get, it isn’t worth it.

    I wish Andrew still had his blog up!

    1. Gen Post author

      I don’t think the Eagles can afford all three. I also have a feeling the Kawakami isn’t coming back to Japan yet. I don’t really have anything to back that up, it’s more of a gut feeling.

      So that leaves Kaz and Hoshino.

      I really don’t think Hoshino is as bad of an option as you seem to think. Sure, he’ll cost money, but he may be the only available manager that has the potential to draw fans during a rebulding phase. And I think things are going to be really rough for this team over the next few years.

      Kaz is a different story. What I’m hoping here is that Eagles get Hoshino and Hoshino stops the Eagles from going after Kaz. One of the reasons why the Eagles want Kaz is because of his name and because he might help draw a crowd (in addition to his potential contributions on the field), but if the Eagles get Hoshino, they no longer have as big of a need to get Kaz.

      Barring that, the only way Kaz makes sense for the Eagles, IMHO, is if he comes cheap. And it is possible he takes a 1-year deal under market value. The few reports that have come out on Kaz all seem to say the same stuff: teams are worried about his age and his health. That could help drive down his cost.

      For now though, I think it’s best to take these rumors one at a time. Let’s wait to see what happens with Hoshino. I think the Eagles are looking at him first and foremost at this point.

  2. muratafan

    What have you heard regarding Iwakuma’s posting fee? I cannot imagine it being that high since Dice-K has been very inconsistent (when Dice-K’s on he’s lights out, otherwise he’s maddeningly inconsistent).

    1. Gen Post author

      I’d say your figures are more or less in line with stuff I have read.

      Somewhat conservative estimates seem to put the range between $5M-10M; mid-ranged estimates between $10M and $15M; and the high appears to max out at $20M.

      IMHO, anything above $15M is a pipe dream; anything above $10M might be pushing it; and more than likely the final number will be under $10M.

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