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Senichi Hoshino would like to put on the uniform again

by on Oct.08, 2010 @ 4:20 am, under NPB

6:34am JST

Sanspo has a few more Hoshino quotes from the TV news program he appeared on:

"[Whether I can return] depends on whether or not I have the desire. ...  I still haven't received a formal offer [from the Rakuten Eagles]. ... If an offer comes, I'll need to have at least one sit down with them, since that's the rule. ... [My decision will be based on] the team's concepts for how to rebuild, what they want to do.  That's what matters, whether my concept matches theirs. ... And then it's about whether or not I have the will, the desire."

4:20am JST

Senichi Hoshino appeared on a TV news program on Thursday night and said that as a person that loves baseball, if he had a chance to put on a uniform again, he would.

As for the Rakuten Eagles, club rep Jun Yoneda told reporters on Thursday that he didn't want create any distractions for the Hanshin Tigers and their fans and is apparently consulting the Tigers' schedule to see when it might be best to approach Hoshino.