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Murata, Uchikawa turned off by potential sale?

by on Oct.13, 2010 @ 11:19 pm, under NPB

Shuichi Murata and Seiichi Uchikawa both sound as if they aren't overly excited that a new company might be taking over the Bay Stars.

Murata: I need to talk to the club, but things need to settle down first.  I need to know if they need me and I'd like to know more about the direction this club will be heading in.

Uchikawa: The clubs a mess right now and there's nothing I can do until things settle down.  I haven't thought about anything yet.

2 comments on “Murata, Uchikawa turned off by potential sale?

  1. Blacklabel

    As bad as the Baystars are already, if they lose Murata and/or Uchikawa they are in big trouble, regardless of the owner. If I were going to buy the team, I would be investing the money it takes to make sure they stay.

    1. Gen Post author

      I think new ownership might help infuse some life into the Bay Stars, but I can’t blame Murata or Uchikawa for being concerned about all the question marks.

      If JSGC is really serious about buying the team, they might want to reach out to Murata and Uchikawa at some point. Whether or not Murata and Uchikawa will respond is another issue, but at least it shows the two players that new owners are interested in keeping them.

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