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Hanshin Tigers: More on Akinobu Mayumi’s contract situation

by on Oct.21, 2010 @ 1:27 pm, under NPB

Sanspo has posted a brief interview with Tigers' owner Shinya Sakai with regards to Akinobu Mayumi.  I've translated it down below.

On the manager's 2-year deal

That's exactly what it is.  That doesn't change the fact that this is about doing well every year.

On hearing that the manager actually wanted a 1-year deal

I wasn't at the negotiation table, so I don't really know what happened.  But it's for certain that this is about going after a championship.  Since we brought Mayumi on board, he's been working on rebuilding this team by growing new players.  And doing that takes times, so that's part of the reason.  His job is to win and grow talent.

On looking back at the past season:

We had some problems with our pitching staff.  The starters had problems and that put a lot of strain on the bullpen, and by the end, things go pretty bad.  We'd like for him to work on that.  Nomi managed to come back, but by then the pen was struggling.  Kubota worked hard as well.  We need to strength both the starting staff and the relief corp.

More than that, this was a season in which we really let our fans down.  Baseball is a tough sport, and we feel really bad [about the result].  I hope that he'll review the problems and do his best to make sure the same thing doesn't happen again next year.

We provided the support, but this team isn't very strong in tough situations, and there were criticisms about the weakness of this team in short series.  To be honest, that's been a problem over the last 2-3 years and I think it's something we need to figure out.  Each player did their best [this season] and some of our players even put up some big numbers.  And despite that, the team couldn't play the type of game it should have.

Also, I should probably mention that it doesn't seem as though the two sides have agreed on a 2-year deal but have yet to formally sign anything since there are still some things they need to go over.