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Hanshin Tigers: News and notes 10/25/2010

by on Oct.25, 2010 @ 6:18 pm, under NPB

The Hanshin Tigers are thinking about sending fewer players to fall camp this year.  Compared to last season's roster of 29, the Tigers will likely send 12-13 pitchers and 12-13 position players this year.

Some of the position players that will probably attend fall camp include Katsuhiko Saka, Yamato Maeda, Wei-Chu Lin, Ryo Asai, and Kodai Sakurai.


Takumi Akiyama apparently wants to work on becoming the "9th position player" in the line-up, which essentially means he wants to improve on his hitting skills and become a threat, instead of a liability, with the bat.  Seems Kazuki Yomishi's (CHU) performance during the Climax Series (specifically, his RBI single in game 2 of the Final Stage) left a lasting impression on the youngster.


Minoru Iwata's first rehab start will likely come on the 26th.  His rehab start on the 24th was canceled due to rain and was the third time his start was pushed back.  This will be Iwata's last chance at a Phoenix League start since the 26th is also the last day of the season.


Yuya Ando started his training back up again at Naruohama on Sunday after spending some time in a rehab hospital to address inflammation in his right shoulder.  For the time being, Ando won't be allowed to do any throwing until some time in November.  And with regards to his FA option, he told reporters he wasn't really in a position to talk about it.