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Rakuten Eagles: Senichi Hoshino to wear the number 77 again

by on Oct.26, 2010 @ 4:43 pm, under NPB

Speaking on his radio program on Monday, Senichi Hoshino told his listening audience that he'll be wearing the number 77 again.  He also spoke a little about his offer from the Rakuten Eagles.

"[The Eagles] told a guy turning 64 next year that they want him to go crazy out on the field.  I love Hanshin, I love Koshien, so there was a bit of conflict there.  But it does nothing for a baseball lover just to watch games at Koshien."

In other Hoshino related news...

For Hoshino's press conference, the Rakuten Eagles reserved a room in a Sendai hotel that's supposed to fit 200 people.  As of Monday, the Eagles received requests from a number of TV stations about making room for their TV cameras (13 to 14 TV cameras it seems).

Sports Hochi also mentions that as of the 25th, NHK and Miyagi TV will be broadcasting event live (start time of 4pm).  Not sure if that's just the Tohoku or Miyagi area though.  Kind of sounds like it might be.