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Softbank Hawks: Nagisa Arakaki and Hiroki Kokubo

by on Oct.27, 2010 @ 3:11 pm, under NPB

Nagisa Arakaki is apparently thinking about making a number of changes to his delivery during the off-season to offset some of the strain in his right shoulder.

Said Arakaki, "This year, I started throwing the ball from the side during the second half of the season.  I also tried other things like throwing with my elbow down.  I still haven't found the right combination, but I'd like to switch to a delivery that places less strain on my right shoulder.  My goal for fall camp is to get my mechanics and work on my control."


Hiroki Kokubo is planning on heading to the mountains for a week's worth of mediation (12 to 15 hours worth a day), spiritual uplifting, and fasting.  This will be Kokubo's third "shugyo."