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Tadashi Settsu to become a starter in 2011?

by on Oct.29, 2010 @ 2:29 pm, under NPB

It seems the Softbank Hawks might be thinking of converting Tadashi Settsu into a starter.  Looks like the Hawks' need for a right-handed starter might be greater than their need for a reliever.

And Nobuhiro Matsuda plans on swinging the bat at least 10,000 times during fall camp.  That works out to at least 500 swings a day (since it's a 20-day camp).

4 comments on “Tadashi Settsu to become a starter in 2011?

  1. Jim

    I can’t agree with this potential move. Settsu doesn’t have much in the way of stuff (at least that I’ve seen), just his straight, sinking fastball, and a curve he never throws. Besides, he’s been one of the team’s best relievers the last two seasons and looks comfortable in the setup role.

    If anything, SoftBank needs to open up the wallets and woo Kuroda if he wants to come back to Japan. Having him would mean just that much more depth in the rotation, plus you have a proven commodity who pitched fairly well with the Dodgers.

    1. Tim

      I also have doubts on this move. I hope Kazumi Saito and Arakaki would make their come-back next season.

  2. Jim

    There’s no way that Saitoh and Arakaki will be the same guys. Arakaki was never that good to begin with since he would lose his control randomly, and Saitoh has had three rotator cuff surgeries in two years.

    In fairness to the SoftBank front office, they have attempted to develop some guys, but the only one who seems to have panned out somewhat is Ohtonari, and he pitched better than his numbers showed last year, it’s just that his offense never scored for him.

    1. Tim

      I know it’s kinda unrealistic to have Arakaki and Saito back to who they were, and it’s the best to get Kuroda. But the Hawks don’t seem attractive for former MLB players. Even the ex-Hawks like Iguchi or Jojima ran to Marines and Tigers but didn’t make a return. I also have feeling that Kuroda would go for Tigers or back Hiroshima…
      Beside Otonari I think Oba might also be able to be the last on the starting rotation list.

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